Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

Spectrum Bucket Elevators are highly functional and are have various applications such as vertical lifting of materials such as coffee, rice, food grains and other granular materials.

We exports wide range of Bucket Elevator, Industrial Bucket Elevator, Elevator Bucket, Grain Elevator and Industrial Elevator.

FEATURES of Bucket Elevator
ConstructionDesigned like a construction box with standard length leg sections for easy assembly.
SectionsIt has three sections - top or discharge section, middle or trunk section and the bottom or intake section. The trunk sections can be added or removed to adjust the height of the elevator.
FrameIt has an all-steel frame for rigidity with cross supports at regular intervals between the legs also doubling as built-in ladders.
BeltingThe belt has been made from rubber coated, multi-ply synthetic fiber. Buckets have been attached at regular intervals and run over top and bottom crowned pulleys.
BucketsBuckets have been created from deep drawn steel of adequate gauge that is attached to the belt by locking type bolts that sit flush with the belt face.
3 Phase MotorIt is provided with an enclosed fan cooled induction motor. All bearings are of the Universal Flange Cartridge type which are known for their lifetime lubrication.

DESIGNS of Bucket Elevator

  • On-site increase or decrease in height possible.
  • Self lubricated bearings ensure less maintenance.
  • Easy to maintain since hinge type door in the elevator leg is provided.
  • Deep drawn steel buckets for longer life.
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